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As already told, in 2013 we have two main projects. One is our new reticle for fast aiming on 3D targets. The reticle is made, but today (june 2014) we still have to decide if we do spend a lot of money on OUR scope production or if we simply put our reticle in an already made product, like a Falcon. Because we wish the best for our products and customer, you might have to wait a little bit more to see our HOME MADE scope. Those projects cost A LOT ! So please, if interested in our next scope, who is planed to be as precise as strong (SWISS MADE), send us an email (english"A"simplyright.ch), we will personnaly answer to you and let you know about it.

If you like science, this picture is the result of Magnus effect

The second product, which might also need the first one, is our analogical balistic material.

Ultra long range shooting is always looking like an ultra long range antousiast's activitie or like a spectacular "confirmed kill". In fact, precision shooting, in which long and ultra long range shooting are, is only science ! But for many science is difficult to understand. We are simplyfiing it for you.

So, Simplyright.ch is located in Switzerland (not in the Nevada desert) and we have only 6 to 8 times a year the oportunitie to shot at more than 1000 METERS (more than 1100 yards). So, scientificly we are always preparing stuffs to finish our programme for a final complete analogical balistic class (no smartphone or computer).

K-31 City-Sniper

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