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Simplyright.ch is a private shooting program taught for more than 20 years in Switzerland. The methods and materials used have all been developed by a former bodyguard. If his first interest was naturally to share handgun skills, he also aims its researches on long and ultra long range shooting.

In 2012, Simplyright.ch presents this new section (in english) dedicated to all long range shooters. If you are interested in further publications or materials, please subscribe to our mailing list below.

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In 2012, you can find the instruction for use of the "100 ZERO" target. You can print the "100 ZERO" on AccurateShooter.com. In our french section, you already can find several articles about long range shooting. You can be helped by Google if you want to translate them.

For precise and long range shooting the "100 ZERO" target was made, avalaible on AccurateShooter.com. Today, we are still working on new reticule to aim faster in 3D middle and long range shooting (multiple range targets). We are also working on a book about ballistic that will first be printed in french. Do not worry, in english Bryan LITZ is one of/the accurate shooters' best friend. No video is planed. If you are looking for a video, the best currently is THE ART OF THE PRECISION RIFLE by Magpul with Tod HODNETT.

If you have any relevant question that neither Bryan LITZ nor Tod HODNETT can give you the/an answer in english, ask us by e-mail at: english@ (do not forget to write "simplyright.ch" after the @). We will see if we have an answer in french to translate. If you want to send us something, our postal address is :

Case postale 5802
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If the english written is not good enough for you, please forgive us, we are working on. Any way, thank you if you correct us!

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