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Instruction for use of the 100 ZERO target

How to use the 100 ZERO target?
1. Print the target on www.accurateshooter.com and check if the size is correct by measuring the space between the two little circles’ centers. It should be 10cm (4"). One square is 1cm.
2. Choose a zero wind day to shoot.
3. With all the safety required and the rangemaster’s approbation, place the target horizontally at 100 meters for metric scope or 100 yards for inches and MOA scope.
4. Use a zeroed weapon system and click left what is needed to shoot 10cm on the left at 100 meters or 4 inches on the left at 100 yards. Write the correction made to remember it at point 8 above.
5. Aim the circle inside the diamond and shoot.
6. Check your group who should cover the circle between the two columns on the left.
7. Adjust your scope if needed.
8. Confirm your accuracy by clicking back right and shooting once the virgin circle in the middle of the diamond.

9. Write down the useful informations about the result and keep it with your weapon system.

Why the 100 ZERO target ?
All accurate shooters know the fundamentals, like: natural point of aim, bone support and muscular relaxation, trigger control, breathe control or sights alignment. But the most important in precision shooting is: C O N S T A N C Y !

Constancy means that you always repeat exactly the same thing.

So, to be constant all time, the conditions have to be the same. All sharp shooter will admit that, excepted with no wind, we can never have the same atmospheric conditions twice. That is the reason why we will not deal with it. But we can mainly be regular on all others conditions. So, what about the target?

The impact on the target doesn’t matter when you "frame" the target. With metallic sights for sport rifle shooting you see the first ring in which you center the second one to finally center the black dot, your target. In this case, you will never see the impacts through your sights.

With a scope, you can see, or guess, the impacts on your target. So, what you are aiming will not look the same shot after shot. What can we do?

We can have multiple targets and shooting one bullet in each one. The problem is that the targets will not be at the same place, even a couple inches away, and in fact, you will lose your constancy.

The only way to aim the same target without being disturbed by previous impacts is to shift your adjustment to voluntarily impact beside your point of aim.

K-31 City-Sniper

Please, pay attention at the vertical position of your scope in accordance with your barrel. The vertical difference should be the same on the target. For example, with the old Swiss army rifle (K-31), the scope is most of the time 2cm (4/5") on the right side of the barrel. If so, the impacts on the target should be 2cm at the left side of the circle. If you correct this space, you will create a parallax default when using other ranges. Remember, this parallax is not the one you can correct whit your scope!

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